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Horse racing and 6 course dinner – 29th March

Horse racing and 6 course dinner – 29th March

Continuing with an exploration of the seven sins, the Queens Court Hotel are delving into the world of ‘greed’, with a delicious 6 course taster menu combined with an evening of exciting horse racing.

Dinner details

The 6 course dinner will start at 7.30pm on Saturday 29th March, with the horse races run in-between each course. The dinner menu is available here.

Ticket price

Tickets for each person are £30; which includes your 6 course dinner and an evening of action packed horse racing. And if you are lucky, you will leave with more than you paid for your ticket!

How does the horse racing work?

Horse races from across the country have been recorded, including chariot races, flat races and jump races; and they all feature a minimum of 6 horses. Between each course, the races are then played back on a big screen.

All bets are taken before the race starts, with no bets being taken during the race. No-one at the Queens Court knows which race will be shown prior to it appearing, so no-one can give you tips on which horse will win!

When betting, you can choose to bet on one horse or all of them – you can even bet more than once on the same horse. Each bet costs £1. Once the race is won, all the bets are added up. Then each winning ticket wins a share of the pot; the Queens Court Hotel do not take any money from the betting.

So as an example; if the total pot is £200 and there are 5 winning tickets, each ticket wins £40. So that might be 5 different people each with one ticket, or one person with all 5 tickets – good return on a fiver!

The total pot for each race will vary depending on the number of people betting; and you are not told how many people have chosen the same number as you during the betting – unless you have a keen eye and ear and can spot all the other diners betting.

So don’t forget to bring some cash – the Queens Court Hotel will provide some change for notes, although any pound coins you have will be useful too.

How to book

Please email us at or call us on 01392 272709.

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